N + C Wedding: The Planning Process

Friday, October 16, 2015

I didn't think planning a small wedding would take SO.MUCH.TIME. Mainly because I'm incredibly indecisive so it takes me forever to finalize tasks. We do have an amazing full-time wedding planner helping us out with the event, but I still wanted to take care of the details myself so I took some items off of her list and moved them to mine. Wedding is about 5 weeks away and I can only hope to get everything done on time and have it be perfect. I have learned a few things in the planning process, so here's my little list, maybe a thing or two will help you too:

1. Get a wedding binder/folder/notebook
I purchased mine from JCrew (I have ever mentioned how much I looooooove Sugar Paper?) and I just love it. It is actually an empty beautiful gray binder with tabs that you get to fill out yourself. Personally I hate all those pre-filled spreadsheets that come with most of the wedding binders out there. I don't want to be told how I should be doing things, I just want to organized. I also love that I get to have this beautiful scrapbook of all the ideas we explored during the process.

2. Get -a few!- bridal magazine subscriptions ASAP
Get inspired, look for your dream dress, hair ideas, make-up looks, flowers, invitations, you name it, they have it. BRIDES and Martha Stewart Weddings are two of my favorite ones. I love taking time on the weekends to sip a drink and cut out my favorite parts. I had so much loveliness happening in my binder that I decided to start an inspiration board in my bedroom (I'll share more of that at a later post). Bonus: if you need a wedding timeline because you use en empty binder (like I do) each issue of all bridal magazines come with one. Rip it out and boom! You got your schedule.

3. Simplify
Do you really need those incredibly intricate wedding programs? Or ridiculously heavy boxes for your favors? Think about the things you notice and remember from weddings you have attended; for me it's music, the wedding dress and ahem....the open bar. I don't really care for an uber-fancy dessert bar or steak dinner or an itty-bitty silver heart I once got as a favor (serves no purpose). Sit with your groom and cross off all the things that don't matter all that much to you from the beginning. Your To-Do list will be cut in half by the time you finish your coffee. 

Hope these tips have been helpful. I'll add more wedding posts as the big day approaches. I can't wait!


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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I'm planning a wedding in san miguel de allende this coming august and came across your website. Congrats on your beautiful wedding! I'm having trouble finding a caterer and was wondering if there were any vendors you worked with down there that you would recommend? Thanks! Arielle


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