Favorite Baby Products // Newborn to Six Months

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Eloise is officially seven months old, we have been out of the ‘newborn’ phase for a while now. While some things get much easier to handle {sleep} others get more complicated {mobility}. In Eloise’s first six months we have come across several products that quickly became favorites. Here’s a few of our must-haves from newborn to six months. There are some favorite travel products that have also made life on the road easier, but I will do a separate post for those. Hope this list is helpful for those of you who are working on your registries!

With its $1295 price tag it is definitely an investment, but QUITE helpful. We had Eloise in it a lot when she was a newborn. It’s like a robot mom that rocks your baby while you do other things like shower or eat. She outgrew the length before we hit the max weight {we have a tall girl!} but we loved it. It is beautiful and loved the clean look in our bedroom. It is now safely tucked in a closet waiting for baby # 2 (someday).

Tiny Love Magical Tales Gymini
We own two of these, we keep one downstairs and one upstairs. One of the easiest ways to keep her entertained. She has been laying in these ever since she was a newborn. Loves all the hanging toys, and now that she rolls over she plays with the ribbons sewn into the mat for her entertainment. She often hangs on it while we drink our morning coffee and read the news. 

We still use this every night. Eloise’s bedroom faces the front of our house so it can get quite noisy. Has different light colors and sounds to choose from and it’s very light. You can use the app or manually turn it on/off and change the settings.

We discovered this $12 dollar device at Target during a trip to Arizona. Eloise had a cold and we were having the hardest time giving her medicine because she would spit it up. Bough this on a whim and it’s magical! She has allergies and takes syrup medicine every day, this little device make it an easy step during our busy mornings.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag
Wanted a simple sleek diaper back that would be roomy enough for everything but not too bulky. This black one is perfect because Carlos is able to use it as well. It has a diaper change pad that rolls out and makes everything very accessible. Love the leather tabs and nylon fabric that’s easy to wipe down. One of our most used items for sure. We don’t use this bag for daycare. We have this Baggu tote bag that fits all of her daily needs.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

We had initially registered for a high chair at Target. We had no idea what to look for and we picked on a whim. After a few months {and visits} I discovered this lovely little chair at Nordstrom. I loved the clean look and the different color options. Everything is sold separately {cusions, tray, chair} but it is so worth it. We decided to go for it since it is an item that would be sitting in our dining room for years to come. It is very sturdy, safe and comfortable. Worth every penny. 

BabyBjorn Bouncer
Still use this, though it’s becoming more difficult as she is more interested in sitting up rather than resting. This little device went all over the house with us the first few months: on the porch during summer while we had our morning coffee, on the kitchen island while we cooked dinner, on the bathroom floor while I was home alone taking a shower and even in the laundry room while I was folding clothes. She took naps in it and hung out while we did stuff around the house. The fabric slip is easily washable. Such great item for your registry. 

Maxi Cosi Zelia Max Stroller
This was a gift from Maxi Cosi and it was heaven sent, We had initially purchased the Bugaboo Donkey {knowing we wanted two babies eventually} but it turned out to be incredibly heavy and bulky for my relatively small SUV {I drive a Volvo XC60}. When Eloise was two months Maxi Cosi reached out about a partnership and I got this stroller. It’s amazing! It’s a two piece stroller, comes with a super comfortable ergonomic car seat {Eloise HATED her prior Chicco car seat} and has so much space for all the stuff we carry. We use it every weekend and can’t say enough great things about it. The price is great considering you are getting a bundle of stroller and car seat; and it’s a great looking stroller. Very clean and modern. One of our most loved items for sure. 

Dock A Tot
We registered for this not knowing much about it. I did some research and everyone seemed to love it so I added it to my list. Yes, it is just a cushion and yes it is $200 dollars. I figured we could use the registry discount at the end if we really wanted it; to my surprise my co-workers {who are AWESOME} got it for me. Such a great gift. We used it every day up until Eloise was about 5 months old. It literally ‘docks’ the baby in place so we can move around. She would take naps on it, drink her bottle, hang out {always supervised} while comfortably hanging in there. I have the white one, we would toss a blanket over it to keep it clean longer.

I was the first one to scream horrified once I realized what this product was…”suck snot with my mouth!? I DON’T THINK SO!” Little did I know it would become one of our most used products. Works wonderfully when cleaning up baby’s nose. And no, the snot does not make it to your mouth, it doesn’t even reach further than the tip of the pen-like device. It is a life saver, there is nothing more frustrating and scary than seeing your baby struggling to breath because of a cold.

Blooming Bath Lotus

When I was pregnant bath time for a newborn seemed like the most terrifying experience for me. I thought a small wet squirmy baby was an accident waiting to happen, I made Carlos and mom do all her baths the first few times. Then I realize how helpful this flower was. You lay it on your sink and the baby comfortably rests while you do the rest. Used it every night for the first five months, until she got too big for the sink and uses a regular tub now.

Hope this list was helpful! Can’t wait to fill you in on my favorite travel items for baby; writing these posts is so much fun!

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A Dress So Good I Bought It Twice

Friday, February 21, 2020

Dress // Shoes // Bag

You know that feeling when you finally find the wardrobe piece you’ve been looking for? That’s how I felt when I spotted this dress on Tuckernuck last summer; I had been looking for the perfect white cotton button-up dress. This piece is such a flattering and classic cut the company releases the style every season in different colors and fabrics. I had waited to order because I needed to justify the nearly $150 price tag in my head. I initially had a hard time rationalizing it because there are so many similar dresses our there for way less money, but I ordered and tried on many and nothing fit me quite like this one. Then the holidays rolled around and they released it in red and that was it! I needed a Christmas Eve dress, the length was appropriate for work and the button-up style is perfect for breastfeeding. Runs a tad big {perfect for the baby weight I’m still carrying} and is machine washable! I love it so much I just ordered it in navy. The white one will have to wait, I think owning the same dress in three different colors is a bit much.

I am also loving this dress, this blouse, these shoes and earrings from Tuckernuck. Nobody does Spring and Summer quite like them!

Until next time, 

It's Valentine's Month!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

We are well into the first week of the second month of the year and this is my first blog post of 2020; life has been hectic over here trying to learn our routine as a family of three. So let's use January as a trial month for getting ready and kick off with one of the best months ever, February! I am a big fan of Valentine's Day, it's one of my favorite little holidays. In keeping festive with the occasion I'm all about wearing pinks and reds for the next few weeks. 

For 2020 I vowed to be more conscious about the items I purchase. I have come to the conclusion that I have an EXCESS of clothing and would much rather own a few pieces that I love. I am in the process doing a huge closet clean out and listing a lot of my items on Poshmark. I have, however, continued to shop {albeit more carefully} for high quality pieces that will last me a long time. This pink Sezane sweater has been one of my favorite purchases as of late, I got a few of their pieces during their recent sale and they did not disappoint. 

If you're in the mood for some Valentine inspired pieces, check out these pajamas and this sweater, top, purse and  adorable dress.

Feels good to be back on my little space on the internet, can't wait to start posting more consistently this month. 

Happy Wednesday!


Copenhagen Travel Diary + Guide

Monday, December 16, 2019

One of the perks of getting married on November 21st is that our anniversary falls during a holiday week, which means we get to take a vacation without actually burning PTO {those of you who are also part of Corporate America can probably feel me on this one}. For this anniversary trip last year, I actually bought the plane tickets myself and surprised Carlos. There is truly no better gift. We took this trip exactly a year ago; I found out I was pregnant right when we got back and then fell immediately sick. Needless to say many things fell through the cracks during those difficult days including this travel diary. So here we are, a year later and with ants in my pants because I just want to travel again!

Can't wait for 2020 and all of the fun adventures we have planned.

As per usual, the Travel Guide is divided into four sections...Stay, Do, Eat and Wear. Dig right in!


Denmark is known for its amazing minimal design and cleverness in small spaces; while looking for a hotel in Copenhagen I wanted to make sure we stayed in a quintessential Nordic property, that's how we came across Hotel SP34. It is part of the Brochner Hotel Group and they own six other properties in the city {more on that later}. The hotel is actually quite reasonable at $180 a night, but do keep in mind that November is low season for travel so everything is MUCH cheaper then {by Danish standards anyway haha}. The four star property had plenty of design inspiration in every corner. From the library sitting room, to the restaurants. The check-in desk is also the bar! And they offer free coffee in the morning.

Happy Hour every day from 5:00 to 6:00 PM was another perk; wine and beer was free for guests! We have stayed in many properties that offer similar socials but I have to say this is the first time we truly took advantage of it. After paying $75 dollars for two burgers and one beer our first night, we quickly realized we needed to stretch our money while in Denmark, so free alcohol for an hour seemed like the perfect way to make up. We did not miss one night of happy hours and we shamelessly planned out afternoons to ensure we would be at the lobby by 4:50 PM. It was worth it :)

Tip: If you stay at SP34 you can also hit up the happy hours for 3 other sister properties!

We booked the Small Double Room and it was hilariously small but cozy. The bed was inside a little nook with access to a TV and plush warm bedding. The space itself was not very big but we managed to only unpack what we needed and make it work. It never felt crammed or uncomfortable. But is is most definitely a space designed for only two people. The bathroom was surprisingly big and had heated floors, very much necessary when taking a morning shower. Water pressure was ok {this is huge for us}, not bad but not relaxing either. That is the one thing I would say I wish SP34 would improve.

Tip: I did a small room tour on my Insta, go under the Denmark Instagram Stories to see it. 

So much to do in such a busy city! Here are my top 5 in no particular oder because everything is just SO MUCH FUN.

1. Nyhavn Street

You've seen this street everywhere I'm sure, from the cutest posters and watercolors to images all over social media. For me, it lived up to the hype. It is absolutely adorable and colorful. Lined with restaurants, cafes and dessert shops Nyhavn was such a fun place to spend the afternoon in. I would say the pricing is comparable to other places around the city, I expected it to be more expensive but it was not. It is also the perfect place to get a Souvenir. I purchased the most adorable Christmas ornament for our tree.

2. Denmark Design Museum

If you only have time for one museum in the city make sure this is it. It was the most inspiring design place I have ever visited. We were amazed at the amount of influence danish designers have on every day items that we use and decorate our homes with. We spent about 3 hours in here, every exhibition is fascinating but The Danish Chair was so interesting. It is a permanent exhibition so make sure to walk it if you are in the museum.

3. Tivoli Gardens & Food Hall

After checking in and showering this was our first stop. First some pizza and beer and then the park. I have to see the Food Hall is one of the most comprehensive places I have ever seen. They have just about everything: Pizza, sushi, tacos, pasta, cakes, beer etc.

4. Bike Around Town

Yes it was freezing but this is the BEST way to experience the city. Bundle up and drive away!

5. Rundetaarn // Round Tower

The 17th century tower and observatory Rundetaarn, or the round tower, is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. You get quite the views from up there and it's rather inexpensive to visit. Buy tickets in advance if you can since lines can get quite long.


So many great places, these were our favorite ones:

Tivoli Food Hall
Oysters & Grill (sooooo good!)


It's obviously going to depend on the season you visit, but if it is winter make sure to BUNDLE UP. Wear layers and layers to keep yourself warm. If you are visiting from a cold weather area I'm sure it won't be that much of a shock to you, but with mild barely-there winters in Austin, having a high of 25 degrees during the day was quite a challenge. Make sure to bring:

-Heavy Coat
-Large Scarf
-Beanie {or something to cover your ears}
-Gloves {if you use Google Maps on your phone, make sure the gloves are tech friendly so you don't have to take them off every time you need to check something}. 
-Wool Socks
-Tote Bag or Backpack
-Pants {did NOT do a single dress during this trip!}

And know you're all set to enjoy your trip. Denmark was such a beautiful country. I certainly I'm looking forward to visiting again, would love to experience their -short- summer. 

Until next time!

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