Eloise's Big Sister Gift Basket

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Today marks three weeks since little Nicholas was born on a sunny November day. We are feeling a little tired at times, but the newborn cuddles are totally worth it. I still can't believe our little family is finally complete and we have TWO kids! My heart is so full :)

Before Nico joined us we did a lot of brainstorming on how we could make this transition easier for Eloise and decided to start off with a gift exchange. We got Eloise a bunny to gift to her little brother when she visited the hospital and Nico "got her" a gift basket as a big sister gift. We included a few things that would allow her to take care of her dolls the way we care for the baby:
Out of all of the things in the crib the Playdoh was her favorite thing. It kept her entertained the two days she visited us at the hospital. Overall I'd say the gift was a big success in getting her excited about the new baby. She has been slowly warming up to him and she's quick to let us know if Nicholas is crying or upset. She's a great big sister and I know it will only get better as they get older. 

Hope your holiday prep is going smoothly!

xx, Nicole 

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