My Ideal Travel Outfit

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Traveling while pregnant and with an active toddler is a bit of a challenge. I am currently working on a post focused on tips to making traveling with a small child a bit easier; but for today let’s focus on mom’s outfit. I’ve always been a fan of wearing pants and closed toes shoes when going through an airport, the more covered I am the better I feel {specially during the pandemic}. I find airports and airplanes very chilly so I typically dress in layers. During summer I keep it light with a cotton jacket -the like Madewell one I am wearing on this post- or a thin cardigan. 

Finding comfortable and cute maternity pants is not easy so I was very excited when I found these green linen pants from Pea In The Pod. They fit comfortably under the belly and stay put no matter how much I move or sit. The t-shirt is by Splendid and the length is perfect for a growing belly.  The backpack is by Tory Burch and it’s the perfect addition to any traveling outfit. It fits SO MUCH and functions as my purse and diaper bag. It is nylon which makes it easily wipeable when the inevitable spill happens. This combo of pants, top, layer and big bag is my typical go-to when I travel. It allows me to move freely while keeping my body temperature in check {and looking presentable}. 

Happy first week of fall! Can’t wait to share a few more maternity outfits before the baby arrives. Currently 31 weeks and counting!

xx, Nicole

*Thank you Pea In The Pod for sponsoring this post. 

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