Thawing Out

Thursday, February 2, 2023


I do realize it's already February :) Last month flew by and I didn't quite make my goal of picking up my blog again this year starting in January. Things happen so here we are, beginning a month later, but doing it nonetheless. 

We have been home for the past two days due to the ice storm that  took over most of Texas,  and let me tell you, I am SO ready to get out of the house. We will be taking the kids out of the house this afternoon to burn some energy. 

While the ice storm was a bit much, I do enjoy the cold winter weather. It is a nice change from the usual warm fall and hot summers we experience in Austin. With winter weather comes warm dressing and super cozy outfits like this cashmere blend set. I randomly decided to try Summersalt for the first time and I have to say I am impressed. 

The set is super soft and high quality and keeps me warm without being overly hot. Ice storm aside, I have been wearing this on weekends and have not had a need for any additional jacket or vest. We also did a couple trips in January and wore it both times to the airport. Comfiest outfit ever. I did find the pants run a bit small, they have a thick elastic and the XS felt too constricting. Sized up on the pants and problem was solved. 

Summersalt is known for their bathing suits. I am so tempted to get one for summer. I'll probalbly give it a try once I check their new styles. 

Feels good to be back on the blog again, hope to be more consistent this year with my content. Having children was an adjustment but I do feel like now that I got the hang of it I can pick up this project back up. Cannot wait to continue to share my favorite things with you. 

Until next time!

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