5 Tips To Get Ready For The Week

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Illustration by Inslee Fariss

Sunday Blues are a real thing,  I don't know about you but I have a tendency to get a little sad as the sun goes down and my free time begins to end, I just love weekends so much! I've come to realize that doing these 5 things get me more prepared for a stress-free week ahead:

1. Wake Up Early!
My husband turned me into a morning person and I love it (he used to lure me out of bed with the promise of Starbucks...it would work every time!). Go grab coffee, go for a walk, go get fresh flowers. Your Sunday will seem that much longer and you'll appreciate the sense of calmness you get from being outside when most people are still in bed. Besides, it's Sunday, you can always nap later.

2. Grocery Shop 
There is nothing worst that running around during the week trying to figure out a healthy snack, breakfast on-the-go or dinner. Do yourself a favor and hit the market on Sunday, preferably early in the morning. You'll avoid the crowds and shop in an incredibly clean and organized environment. Don't forget the reusable bags!

3. Go Over Your Schedule 
I like doing this on Sunday so I have a clear picture of what's coming for the week. Do I have a manicure appointment? Is my husband traveling this week? Do I need to hit the post office? Knowing what everyday is bringing helps me manage my time better in case something unexpected comes my way.

4. Plan Your Outfits
Sometimes when I have nothing else to do I'll actually pull them out of my closet, iron them and hang them in order. Most of the time though,  I simply write it on a post it and stick it on the inside of my closet door or bathroom mirror. You have no idea how much time and stress this little tip saves me.

5. Relax After 6:00 PM
When I was in my 20's I used to be an avid fan of going out on Sunday nights (what was I thinking?) which was proceeded by an exhausting Monday. Now days, I prefer a hot shower, a nice home-cooked meal and a glass of red while we catch up on our favorite shows or call our parents on the phone. Take time to relax and enjoy your favorite activity as the weekend winds down. Then begin the count-down again...only 5 days until Friday!


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