Styling Your Lounge Pants

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carlos and I are big-time morning people, we really enjoy being outside drinking coffee or running errands on the weekends while everyone else is still asleep. We lived in Santa Monica for a few years and noticed tourists would swarm the town right before noon; so we would wake up early and ran our errands before having to deal with traffic/people. Austin is nowhere as bad as California, but we got spoiled by not standing in any lines or doing our shopping in perfectly organized and un-touched displays at stores, so we continued our morning routine here.

 For these early runs I usually wear something super comfortable and easy {a step above jammies if you will} that still looks stylish.

I purchased these Old Navy lounge pants as pajamas but when they arrived they turned out to be much thicker {this is very important ladies!} and nicer than I expected, so I decided they will be my new weekend pants since they are so incredibly comfortable. I added a bit of texture with a cream sweater and accessorized with my trusted Chloe Marcie, it fits all my weekend essentials. I would recommend adding pieces to your lounge pants that you would normally wear with a less-casual outfit. This will help elevate your overall look and avoid making you look like you just rolled out of bed. 

I stopped by Madewell on Friday and purchased my yearly pair of Boardwalk sandals. I have been buying these for years and always wear them until they are completely destroyed. They are very comfortable and match every Spring/Summer outfit. If you are looking for your next pair, this is it!

Outfit Details
Sweater - Old Navy
Pants - Old Navy
Bag - Saks Fifth Avenue
Sandals - Madewell
Sunglasses - LOFT 

Weather was incredible on Saturday and Sunday, we went for a little stroll at one of my favorite neighborhoods downtown, I'm obsessed with all the little bungalows, they are so adorable.

Flowers are starting to pop up everywhere. I'm loving this early Spring time we are getting in Austin!

Have a great week!


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