Seattle Travel Diary + Guide

Monday, August 28, 2017

It is Sunday afternoon and it has not stopped raining in Austin due to hurricane Harvey. I couldn't shoot any content for the blog because of the weather but I realized had not shared my Seattle Travel Diary + Guide! These images make me crave sunshine and time outdoors so much. I was really looking forward to this trip to catch up with my best friend Jonilyn. Seattle was just as wonderful as I had imagined. 


We stayed at the Kimpton Monaco Seattle Hotel. It was colorful and very comfortable. The room was large enough to accommodate both my friend Jonilyn and I and it was within walking distance to a lot of attractions. The library was also right across the street. Rooms start at $205.00 for weekdays. 


There is so much to do in Seattle. I wish we have had more time to explore. We did cross off a few things on out list, and these were our favorites:

-Pike Place Market
-First Starbucks Store (nerd alert!)
-Space Needle
-Rainbow Crosswalks
-Chichuly Garden & Glass Museum


I always research the restaurants I want to visit before I arrive to my vacation destination. This time it was no exception but it was SO difficult because there were so many options to choose from. The top two I would recommend for sure is Bar Melusine and The Pink Door. If you are looking for a place for brunch The Westward was absolutely delicious! 

We probably won't see the sun for a while but in the mean time I will continue to enjoy the cozy days and cooler nights at home. I can't stop watching the news to stay on top of the current situation in Houston :( Keeping everyone in the affected area in my thoughts, I hope things get better soon. 

xx, Nicole


  1. It sounds so fun there. I love all the pictures you took, they are so bright and vibrant.

  2. This trip looks like so much fun!! So awesome you got to visit the public market.
    Gisel |

  3. Seattle is such a gorgeous city! Love all of your pics.


    Megan |

  4. Lovely pictures! It looks like you had a great time in Seattle. xo, Emily

  5. Hope you are staying safe! This trip looked like a lot of fun. I love Seattle.

    Krissy |

    1. Thanks Krisstin, we are! Austin is sunny now, but I'm heartbroken over Houston :(

  6. Everything looks so beautiful! Sounds like you had a great trip!


  7. This looks so fun! I love that cute hotel room :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  8. this is so amazing!!! love it babe!

  9. neautiful post, so many beautiful places !
    I love your stripes dress :)

    1. Thanks Sonia, it's from Madewell. They have the BEST classics.

  10. wow! enjoyed the tour through your photos! so so lovely trip!

    Courtney Bentley ||

    1. Thanks Court! Loved your post on depression today <3

  11. Your Seattle trip looks so fun! Lovely photos, I totally need to visit soon!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  12. Your amazing pictures make me want to go to Seattle! xoAva

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