9 Things I Packed For Japan

Friday, June 22, 2018

As you know Travel is my favorite hobby. I had a prior post about my travel must-haves here {it's one of my most popular posts} and now I'm adding a few extra things I purchased for this trip and I'm loving:

1. Mophie Charger
Life saver! It's a bit heavier than the one I owned before {a tiny credit-card-size one from Anthropologie} but it does charge my phone back up to a full charge faster. While the Mophie does take a couple hours to charge, it is long lasting power. I was able to use it 3 days in a  row without re-charging.

2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm
This lip balm is by far my favorite thing, I own it in every color but Rose is my go-to. I dare to say it's more moisturizing and softer than the FRESH Lip Balm -and at a fraction of the price!-. Perfect for a No Make-Up look I like to do when I fly.

3. Floral Pajamas
Wanted  new lightweight jammies, and these ones are adorable. Perfect for humid summer nights in Japan {their AC is not as strong as our AC, had to work with that}.

4. Packing Cubes
These were a gift from my brother for Christmas; I had done a couple trips earlier this year, but this was the first time I used the entire kit. LOVED THEM. They keep my stuff organized and easy to reach without having to move and unfold everything in my suitcase

5. Coola Sun Silk Drops
Love summer, hate shiny sunblock on my face {but I still wear it}. I have fallen in love with this Coola product because it is non-greasy and very lightweight, SPF 30. It dries matte and does not interfere with my make up at all. If you're going to try one beauty product this summer, this should be it.

6. Truffle Clear Clutch
My BFF gave me these bags as a gift. I started using the large one on my carry on to gather my chargers, cable, battery and headphones. Once I arrived in Tokyo it was easy to toss it in my leather tote I was using daily. The large clutch is large enough to fit everything but slim enough to slide easily inside my bag.

7. FRESH Rose Mask
Been using this twice a week for about two months now. I usually pack a mask when I travel because I find myself with a bit more time while getting ready. This mask refreshes my skin and moisturizes it at the same time. A great multi-tasker!

8. Longchamp Leather Tote
Birthday gift from my husband. Bought it in Lisbon during our spring vacation. I love this type of leather because it is not easily scratched. The size is great for everyday use {it's been my go-to for the office} and perfect for travel. I own the taupe color with baby blue interior, seen here, color choices are endless.

9. Athleta Chelsea Cargo Pants
Like these so much I bought them twice in black and navy. It is the perfect travel pant for 10+ hour flights. Does not wrinkle, lightweight, comfortable and fit. I've worn mine with my loose gray linen sweater, navy sweatshirt, chambray button up, cashmere etc. They pack really small and dry quickly. I only wish I had bought them sooner.

That's it for this travel essential update, hope some of these items make your packing easier.

Talk to you soon!


  1. This is a stellar packing list. I've been seriously thinking about getting packing cubes. They seem so smart! Thanks for sharing your list - really helpful for us traveling ladies!


  2. These things are so cute. I love the floral pajamas.

  3. I have a trip coming up and I think I need that Mophie charger too!

    Xo https://www.lydialouise.com/baby-bedtime-routine-example/

    1. Ohhh you need it! I have gotten a few people hooked on it already haha


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