Austin Baby Shower

Thursday, June 6, 2019

This past weekend our dear friends Alex and Jonilyn threw a couples brunch baby shower for us. It was the most adorable event ever! They hosted it at Central Standard, one of our favorite restaurants in South Congress {they have amazing happy hour!}. It's hard to believe Carlos and I moved to Austin four years ago and left behind wonderful friends in California, I was scared in the beginning since our social circle in L.A. was so big but we quickly settled in Texas and started meeting people. I loved seeing our local couple friends join us to celebrate the arrival of our baby. We also had friends travel from out of town to be here with us. 

Throughout the shower I had a similar feeling like I did at my wedding; looking around the room and feeling this immense gratefulness for all these people who made arrangements to spend the morning with us {and even got us gifts on top of that!}. It was an unforgettable brunch, best part was the dessert bar of course, those donuts where to die for!

Next up is a baby shower in Mexico being hosted by our parents, I'm so super excited about celebrating Baby Fuentes again. 

Until next time!

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