Happy Birthday Eloise!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Before I had my first baby I remember hearing people talk about how fast time passes and how quickly children grow up. Didn't click in my head until we started preparations for Eloise's first birthday. Where did time go? When did she get so big?.

We are very excited to see her grow into a VERY active toddler but it's also a bit heartbreaking to no longer have that newborn baby that would snuggle against my body all day. Makes no sense when I put it into words but I miss that tiny baby while I'm excited about the one-year old screaming next to me.

Our original preparations were for a much bigger party. Parents and siblings were planning on flying in, we were going to have a dessert bar and a big cake. But COVID changed our plans and we ended up with a small five person party and a DIY balloon arch. I sure wish we could have had the party we originally imagined but this tiny quarONEtine birthday was just as lovely.

Eloise loves pasta so we had it catered by North Italia. Had mimosas and cocktails for our friends and a delicious lemon lavender cake from Sugar Mama Bakery. Guests arrived around noon and we enjoyed charcuterie boards and mimosas while Eloise opened a couple gifts and played with her new toys.

The balloon arch for her cake table is a DIY! That's right! A few people messaged me on Instagram asking about the local vendor and I was sharing with them that I made it myself the night before, took me about two hours and it was $25.00 dollars! I did spend an extra $20 on an electric pump which I highly recommend since it makes the process much easier. You can buy the balloon arch kit here and the pump here.

We ate, danced, opened gifts and played with Eloise until she happily went to bed exhausted. I still cannot believe how big she is. A week before her birthday she started taking her firsts steps and now she is full on speed walking all over the house. Love this nugget of mine!

And here's the monthly shots I did for her, they got increasingly harder as she got older, but it was so much fun to see how much she physically changed from month to month. 

Thanks for reading me, hope you're staying safe and healthy. 
xx, Nicole 

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