Staying Motivated On 2021

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Hello February! We got here so fast.

Between putting our Christmas decorations away and saying goodbye to the last guests I had very little time to blog and shoot content the first few weeks of the year. As we are entering the 2nd month of 2021 I feel more at ease, organized and ready to take on the new weeks ahead of me. There is always a great deal of excitement for me in staring something new...whether it's a jar of new anti-wrinkle cream, a planner or a new year.

This time around I look ahead and I see a bit of a challenge, quarantine exhaustion is a real thing and I am feeling increasingly anxious about being home most of the time. These feelings prompted me to make a plan to get motivated during this pandemic and actually reach my daily goals. And here I share a few items helping me to stay on track on 2021.

I take pride on being very organized and running a daily To Do list. Having a place to jot down ideas and look at my calendar is very helpful. I had initially purchased this planner but decided to upgrade to a bigger one. I had this one last year and the space was perfect so I ended up with another large one. I love the plastic cover and how light it is. 

Proud to report I have been sticking to my running and weight training routine for the past 3 weeks now! I am starting to see a difference in my body. Cute workout clothes help A LOT. I wear a workout outfit during the morning 5 out of the 7 days of the week. This forces me to exercise since I am already dressed for it. 

Quarantine granted me the time to take care of my skin like I never had before. I started doing more masks and started the year by adding two different ones to my weekly routine. I can see a HUGE difference in my skin already. This is perfect for cleansing without over drying and this is perfect for glow. I look forward to my night hot showers followed by a mask. 

We don't have many choices for things to do outside of the house, so a visit to the park happens a couple times a week for us. Wearing comfortable clothing with sneakers is a must. I am big fan of the dress + sneaker combo so I just added these pink ones and these white ones to my collection. 

I try to change out of my workout clothes every day. More often than not I'll take a hot shower and get into a comfortable sweat pants and matching sweatshirt. These are perfect for walking around the neighborhood in the evening. I am not fully dressed but also not in my pajamas. 

We own a Nespresso and used it daily. Until we rented an Airbnb back in December and they had a drip coffee machine. I found this delicious coffee and looked forward to every morning. I decided to get a drip coffee machine was soon as we got back to Texas. This was my choice, programmable and simple. Love coming downstairs in the morning to a house smelling like vanilla coffee. 

We were spending way too much time on our phones and tablets. I want Eloise to become a great reader so we must lead by example. I committed to a book a month and so far it's been great. Currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. Love her so much!

Springtime is one of my favorite times to spruce up my decorating. Since January and February are strange {typically dark and cold} months I like to start adding lighter tones to my home. This year I opted for a couple new tablecloths from Amanda Lindroth and new table mats from Target. The prints make me so happy! 

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