What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

As a Type A person, planning ahead is my absolute jam.  I've had my hospital bag packed since week 32 of this pregnancy. No sign of delivery any time soon {I have a scheduled C-Section} but I still wanted to be prepared just in case. 

This is my second time around packing this bag so I learned a few things I need to leave behind and others to make sure I bring to the hospital with me. My packing list is divided into four different sections: 

Mama - Items I will need to make my recovery easier. 
Room - Making our stay more comfortable by adding a few things to my bag. 
Baby - They need very little, but it's all so important. 
Extras - Not necessary but we are including this time around. 

My weekender bag is from Minnow Swim and super roomy. 

Cotton Robe - One that is not too thick {I remember sweating and being super hot for days after my first baby was born} but needing a robe all day to make it easier to breastfeed. Bringing my new LAKE Pajamas stripe robe that is super soft. 

Slip-On Slippers - Easiest shoe to wear during your hospital stay. You'll need it to walk those hallways to help you speed your recovery. 

Plastic Flip Flops - You'll want to shower and preferably NOT touch that floor. 

Nursing Bra - I packed one for each day. I prefer the sleeping ones for hospital stays. Feels like you're not wearing anything. 

Pajamas - After the fresh shower I mentioned above there is nothing like soft clean pajamas you brought from home. 

Comfy Underwear - Packing my biggest cotton panties since I'll be swollen and looking pregnant during my stay {and a few days after}. 

Toiletries - I bring everything with me, from shampoo, conditioner and body wash to skin care. I will also bring a bit of make up and hair ties; and the usual toothbrush, deodorant, chapstick, etc. 

Going Home Outfit - This this around I am packing maternity clothes still {learned my lesson last time}. Comfortable joggers, a tank top and soft cardigan. 

Reusable Nursing Pads - Perfect for keeping me dry.

IPad and Charger - Need it to update insurance claims, check email, social media, entertainment etc. It also doubles as a sound machine at night. 

IPhone and Long Charger - Always keep this on my bedside table, the long charging cable is a MUST since you'll be in bed most of the time. 

Snacks - We did a Trader Joe's run this morning. Hospitals do have cafeterias and vending machines but there's nothing like having your favorites available in the room. We are bringing popcorn, chips, pretzels, trail mix, granola bars, chocolate, cookies and dried fruit. 

Large Yeti Cup- I remember drinking SO MUCH WATER during my stay and being really annoyed that it would warm up quickly. This time I am bringing my trusted Yeti cup to ensure it stays cool as long as possible. 

Carseat - Number one thing on the list. Base should be installed in your car and ready to go. 

Going Home Outfit - Bring something weather appropriate. I packed two different beanies this time, one small and one that is a bit bigger.

Blanket - We are having a winter baby and need to make sure he's warm on his way home. 

Baby Book - Bringing a baby book to get a set of hand and footprints done in the delivery room. 

Big Sister Basket - We created a little basket for Eloise that will be given to her from the baby. Can't wait to see her little face!

Breast Pump - Bringing it to the hospital to make sure we learn how to use the new model I got this time around. 

And that is pretty much all we packed. Hoping for a short hospital stay so I can come home and enjoy my babies in my cozy home. 

Until next time!
xx, Nicole 

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