What To Pack In Your Carry On - Short Flight

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Selecting the essentials that will go into my carry on personal item -the small bag you get to bring with your luggage on board- has been a trial and error process from me. I'm a serial over-packer {even though I never check luggage} but I like to keep my carry-on bag as light as possible. Here are the few items I ALWAYS pack whenever I'm traveling on a short flight.

1. Cashmere Scarf
Airplanes are cold, even if I'm wearing jeans and a jacket I still pack my cashmere scarf, I love draping it over my legs while I read or using it as a pillow if I decide to take a nap. Cashmere is expensive but if you take care of it correctly it will last forever. I have sweaters that are over 5 years old and still look brand new! I'm obsessed with this gray one, it's on my list!

2. Make-Up & Hand Lotion
Touch-ups are important to me; especially before we land. A little bit of powder and lipstick will usually do the trick. And a good hand lotion is a must! My hands get so dry with that lavatory soap. Caudelie is one of my favorites, I have the Rose version photographed above.

3. iPad Mini
I carry my iPad mini for internet browsing and TV watching. I love this little thing!
TIP: If you're flying Southwest and want to watch movies you need to download their app first.

4. Magazines
Well it isn't vacation unless I spend at least $25.00 at Hudson news. But seriously, this is my time to catch up on my reading.

5. Travel Wallet
Keeping your documents protected and in one place when traveling is very important. I usually have this pink leather one with me, I bought it when I was a freshman in college! I'm due for a new one soon and been eyeing this one by Cuyana {along with everything else they carry really}.

6. Sunglasses & Reading Glasses
One pair to wear on the plane while I read or watch movies and another pair to wear once I arrive to protect my eyes. My Karen Walker ones are my absolute favorite.

7. Travel Jewelry Case
My jewelry collection is my baby. I usually wear small dainty pieces so this case by Pottery Barn was perfect for my needs, the color I own sold out but this one is just as cute. Looks like a wallet and fits anywhere.

8. Headphones
I need my music, everywhere I go. I love my collapsible headphones by Bose and the storage case they come with, perfect for stashing it in the bag.

9. Clorox Wipes
I need to wipe my tray table, arm rest and window area as soon as I sit. Germs germs go away!

10. Phone & Keys
Essentials to stay connected and make sure I can actually open my door once I arrive home.

As far as actual bags, I usually pack in my Madewell Transport Tote or Longchamp Backpack, but I have been eyeing this backpack from Tumi. I need to make it happen...maybe for Christmas?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Such great tips! I always pack Clorox wipes too!
    xo Jessica

  2. This is such a great post! I will keep this in mind for my upcoming trip!


  3. Packing for a trip tonight and I agree you've got to have a few magazines and a pair of headphones!!

    Evin Elizabeth

  4. Beautiful picture and great tips Nicole :) xo

  5. Beautiful flat lay girl! I love the call of clorox wipes - so key!!!

    Love this post.

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