1st & 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites

Friday, May 10, 2019

Today marks the first day of my last trimester, I am officially seven months pregnant! I have been wanting to write this post for a while, my favorite products that have helped me get by during my first few months of pregnancy. It's been a roller coaster of emotions and exhaustion but I am so happy the end is near. Hope some of these items help you as much as they have helped me. 

Madewell Maternity Skinny Jeans
I love these so much they got their own dedicated post, you can read it here. They are soft and comfortable, hug you in all the right places and the belly fabric allows them to work with you from small bump to postpartum. If you’re only getting one pair, make sure this is it!
Some people say stretch marks are genetic, some people say it depends on how to treat your body during your pregnancy. Truth is doesn’t hurt to help you skin a little bit during this process where your belly stretches so very much. I love this oil because keeps my skin incredibly moisturized and soft. Seven months, 18 pounds extra and no stretch marks yet! Comes with a huge applicator that makes it easy to drop product on your belly after a hot shower. 
I call this my banana pillow although it looks nothing like one haha I was having all kinds of back and hip pain and this pillow helped tremendously. I cozy myself up in the middle and it hugs me in all of the right places. Makes it so easy to sleep on my side too. The only down side to this is that my dog discovered it and now we fight over it; he’s such a cutie. He usually naps on it all day and then I get to sleep on it at night. Pretty fair deal I’d say.

Charlotte Tilbury Face Powder
You know that pregnancy “glow” people always talk about? I mostly sweat and no body part is safe. I have combo skin and was used to powdering myself up once or twice a day to keep things from looking greasy, but even since I got pregnant my face became significantly shinier. I added this primer to my routine and the Charlotte Tilbury powder. It’s made significant difference. Is still blot and powder a couple more times than I used to but it is not as bad.

Cotton Sleeping Gown
 I am typically a sweat pants and tank kind of girl for lounging around the house. I also love little short sets or rompers for sleeping, but with the growing belly the last thing I want is to feel restricted. I purchased a couple of these cotton gowns and they have been life savers. They let me move around freely and keep me cool overnight. I usually throw this robe on when I wake up and after I shower.

Superga Sneakers
I always wanted to be one of those cool women who wear suits and business dresses with sneakers to work. I never thought I could actually pull it off until my flats and heels got so uncomfortable I had to start wearing sneakers to work often. I decided to purchase these Superga sneakers in classic white and have not taken them off since. They offer great arch support and are quite soft. Meaning as it gets later in the day and my feet start to get swollen these shoes accommodate the changes that are happening. They are great for flying too!

Bella Bands
Got these at Target when I was around 8 weeks pregnant. Not much of a belly but I was so uncomfortably swollen I needed some help. They worked amazingly well with all of my business pants and jeans. I purchased one in white and one in black and they carried me all the way through month 5 when my belly popped and I had to invest in actual maternity clothes.

Large Water Bottle
 We all know drinking water is important to keep our bodies healthy. When you are pregnant is is PARTICULARLY important to stay hydrated. Like I mentioned above, pregnancy “glow” is mostly sweat so you need to make up for all the water you are sweating through the day. It also helps with constipation {gross, I know}, keeping your skin moisturized and swelling down. I am usually good at drinking water while at the office since I keep my Yeti cup on my desk, but I noticed I wasn’t as diligent at home and during weekends so I purchased this 25 oz water bottle and it’s been a lifesaver. I aim to drink 4 of these which equals 3 litters of water a day. Enough to help my body to function properly. Best part…it’s less than $20 dollars!

Lululemon Align Shorts
I have raved about my Ingrid & Isabel workout leggings before. But once it started getting hot and my mileage on my walks started getting longer pants were too hot for me to handle. I did some research and noticed a lot of women raved about the Align collection from Lulu for pregnancy so I went and got a couple shorts. LOVED THEM. Super soft, no chaffing or movement and they keep my legs cool during my workouts. If you are a summer pregnant lady and are working hard to stay active I would definitely give these a try.

HATCH Collection Dress or Jumpsuit
Yes I know they are pricey and it is more of a splurge but here me out…you’ll wear it ALL the time. The brand is focused on making clothes you can wear before, during and after pregnancy so it is not an investment piece you’ll be wearing only a few months. I was rocking their silk jumpsuit way before I was pregnant {seen here}. I have since invested in a couple dresses I keep wearing over and over. I have my eyes on this {and the pink dress I linked above} and this and maybe I’ll get just one more before my pregnancy wraps up. I would stick to fabrics that are matching washable and styles that you can wear to work and play.

Hope you found this helpful!

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