First Pregnancy: Picking The Perfect Maternity Jeans

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

First time pregnancy wardrobe challenges can be quite overwhelming. Should I buy bigger sizes? Should I wait to shop? Will this fit me later? For me it was a combination of wanting to have comfortable clothes and look cute but not over-buy pregnancy items that I could only wear for a few months. For the most part, with jeans and pants I got away with wearing my regular clothes and using belly bands to keep my pants in place but things quickly turned on week 20.

By the time I hit five months and my belly started to pop it became obvious my belly band idea was no longer an option. Pants were sliding down and was an overall uncomfortable situation. I decided to shop for ONE pair of classic skinny maternity jeans that I could wear through pregnancy and the first few months after giving birth {yes I am hopeful to lose the weight rather quickly, but I am also realistic}. I ordered jeans from three different brands from Shopbop, two brands from Nordstrom as well as H&M, a few from ASOS and Madewell. Not surprisingly, I ended up with Madewell.

It makes sense to me that the brand would fit my changing body so well since they are my go-to for regular jeans -and just about everything in between-. I went by the reviews and ordered a size down {yay for vanity sizing while pregnant! ha!} so I got a size 26 instead of my usual 27. They fit perfectly! They were a bit sung in the very beginning, but that happens even with regular jeans. Once I wore them for a little while and they relaxed they were perfect. My advice on sizing would be order according to WHERE in your body you gain your weight. My pregnancy weight has gone mostly to my belly, boobs and face. But my arms, legs and bottom have remained slim. So sizing down made sense. If your weight tends to go towards your bottom and hips I would stick to your regular size. Make sure to wash inside out in cold water and air dry for best results.

Overall I ended up buying {and returning} over 10 pairs of jeans; and my favorite kind were the ones finished with the soft fabric belly band, like these skinny jeans from Madewell. Contrary to what I was expecting, the fabric band does not slide down, bunch up or restrict the kind of tops I am able to wear. It is super soft and accommodating, I’ve been wearing this jeans for almost two months now and my belly has grown significantly. Still as comfortable as ever. If you are concerned about the navy blue fabric and lighter tops just wear a nude cami. That’s what I did on this look and it camouflaged the darkness perfectly. This gauzy top is from Madewell’s new Spring collection. Love the loose look and fabric. It will be perfect for the hot summer days coming up.

Hope you find this post helpful in deciding what kind of maternity jeans to get. Have a wonderful week!


*Thank you Madewell for partnering up with me for this post. 

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  1. Hey Nicole! You look fantastic! I love Madewell jeans and I've heard really good things about their maternity ones. Great recommendation! Hope you have a great week! xo Jana | | IG: @jana_meister


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