Palm Beach + The Colony Travel Diary

Friday, August 10, 2018

Every year my husband and I set some time aside to travel with friends. His past couple boy trips were Bachelor Party weekends {we are in our 30's after all} and mine have been with different friends from all over. I love this time to reconnect, catch up and drink lots and lots of champagne! If you have been following for a while, you might remember I did Seattle with Jonilyn last year, and New York City with my friends Kiki and Noelle the year before that. It is always such a treat!


Let's begin with the very reason why we ended up in Palm Beach: The Colony Hotel. This place is insanely girly and beautiful. When I think of Palm Beach I think of pink, palm prints and pastels. This hotel was all of that and more. We were welcomed with a glass of champagne upon checking in and quickly made our way to out room...I was so curious to see which room we would be getting since they are all different. I fell in love with the matching drapery and upholstery and the deep blue tones of the decor. 

The reception was one of my favorite sections, lots of color, light and print-mixing. 

And wallpaper everywhere! I am so obsessed with wallpaper right now.  I just can't seem to get my husband on board...yet.

This was the hallway to our room. Each story has a different pastel color and the same palm tree carpeting. So adorable!

We enjoyed champagne by the pool on Saturday morning and did some quick swimming before heading into town for lunch.

Blue is one of my favorite colors when it comes to home decor {white is most definitely my # 1}. Loved the printed canopy draped over our beds. So dramatic and pretty!


This is where things got interesting for us. Remember I said above we booked Palm Beach based on The Colony Hotel and that's it? Well, I did not really research things to do and much to our shock this place is a ghost town. A VERY BEAUTIFUL, highly curated and perfectly manicured ghost town, but just about as lonely as it gets. Every store was closed by 5:00 PM on Friday. On Saturday we made our way to lunch and most places were closed again with very few people {if any} walking the streets. It was so strange to see a town so deserted in the middle of summer.

 We weren't planing on heading to bars or anything crazy so it worked out just fine for us, we were able to grab dinner both nights and go for nice walks in the mornings. 

One of the stores we did find open was Roller Rabbit, I got the cutest swimsuit cover up for our upcoming trip to Playa del Carmen. 

The lonely city did not bother me at all during my coffee walks in the morning. A saw a few people fishing and a girl dancing proudly to her salsa music. Such lovely sights. 


The first night we had dinner at Ta-Boo Restaurant. It's quite dark, with lots of bamboo and strong drinks. Service was really good and they actually had a happy hour menu...albeit they do make you sit at the back of the restaurant if you are there for that haha.

The next day we walk over to Surf Side Diner for lunch. It had great reviews so we decided to give it a try. Food was delicious and came out rather quickly. The day I landed in Florida was my last day on Whole30 so you better believe I devoured my veggie burger!

For our last night in town we decided to get dressed up and do dinner at BICE. I tried making a reservation ahead of time but they were booked. Luckily we spoke to the concierge back at our hotel and he was able to get us in at our desired time. The restaurant was beautiful. Think 70's furniture in ivory and gold tones with white flowy drapery everywhere. The food was absolutely delicious down to the last bite. It was my favorite meal in Palm Beach.  


You probably already know what I'm going to say right? 
  • Pastel Colors
  • Bathing Suit
  • Simple Make-Up
  • Sunglasses {very bright even when it's cloudy}
  • Cute Sandals
  • Comfy outfit for morning walks 
That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed my little travel diary. On our last day we had brunch at Cafe Boulud and tossed ideas around about where to go next. We might be heading to a more rural destination for 2019, cannot wait!

Happy Friday :)


  1. Oh My GOODNESS! This place is amazing!!! So gorgeous! I love your photos :) xo Jana |

  2. My favorite place! I am so glad you enjoyed your time! I haven't visited that hotel, but your pictures of the hotel and the Island look amazing!

  3. Such a gorgeous hotel! So much attention to detail!

    xo, Ilse

  4. I've heard such great things about this hotel! Seriously so stunning - love your photos. Getting so many beverly hills hotel vibes from it too ;) x Shannon •

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